Yachting and Boating World is the largest sailing and motor boat community, featuring the latest news and expert advice content, along with the YBW forums, used boats for sale and our weather forecasting tool.

Yachting and Boating World is also the umbrella website for Time Inc UK’s other marine brands, including Yachting Monthly, Yachting World, Motor Boat & Yachting and Practical Boat Owner.

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Time Inc UK’s marine brands include a host of well-known titles, from Yachting World to Motor Boat & Yachting.

Whether you’re after practical advice on doing up your boat or want to keep up to date with the latest news in yacht racing, our great magazines have something to offer you.

Yachting World coverYachting World
First published in 1894, Yachting World is the leading global sailing brand, delivering the very best in cruising, racing, superyachts and adventure across a range of platforms.
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PBO coverPractical Boat Owner
Practical Boat Owner is Britain’s biggest-selling boating magazine, giving its readers the practical know-how to get the very best from their boats.
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Yachting Monthly coverYachting Monthly
Britain’s top cruising brand has been inspiring weekend cruisers and ocean wanderers for over 100 years.
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MBY coverMotor Boat & Yachting
Europe’s best motor boat magazine – trusted by boat owners for inspirational cruising destinations, rigourous boat tests, product information, and expert advice.
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SYW coverSuperYacht World
The most elegant superyacht publication afloat, SuperYacht World gets the story right and is deeply in touch with the nuances of the luxury yacht market.
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