Streaming weather forecast by

Browser requirements
This weather tool requires the following browsers to function correctly, for older browsers please try the WxPro weather tool.

Firefox 26
Opera 19
Chrome 32
Safari 10.6

1.    Click on any icon to start or restart animation.
2.    Zoom using the +/- buttons or +/- on your keyboard or mouse wheel
3.    Drag map to required area.
4.    Meteogram; click icon and then click on your required point to display all data for that point in graph format.
5.    Use animation control to step through forecast in native time step.
6.    Use play function to start animation from where you stopped animation.

Mobile browsers

This tool will work on iOS7 and Android OS apps providing that browsers meet the above requirements.

Click here to find out more about weather services from

As well as the WxPro service, theyr also provide free GRIBview software and GRIB weather forecast data. Click here to find out more about GRIBview.