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The 35th America’s Cup takes place in Bermuda. Racing will start on 26 May when teams will battle it out to become top Challenger. The winning team will then face ORACLE TEAM USA, Defending Champions, on the 17th June in the final match hosted by Louis Vuitton.

Four of the skippers for the America's Cup

America’s Cup: meet the six skippers

Carrying the hopes and expectations of a team...and a nation. Find out more about the six skippers who are striving to bring home the 35th America's Cup from Bermuda

two catamaran competing on water

America’s Cup: full event schedule

There are just days to go before the excitement of the 35th America's Cup in Bermuda. Find out when to watch, so you never miss the action!

catamaran sailing

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When foiling was introduced in the America's Cup in 2013 it was a real game changer. But how does this impressive technology work and what are the benefits? Watch the…

America's Cup boats practicing in Bermuda

America’s Cup: how does it work?

Our guide to understanding how points are allocated during the competition for the 35th America's Cup and how the Challenger will be decided to take on Defender ORACLE TEAM USA