When foiling was introduced in the America's Cup in 2013 it was a real game changer. But how does this impressive technology work and what are the benefits? Watch the videos of the America's Cup teams talk about hydrofoils and how to use them

Foiling not only looks impressive, it makes boats lighter and helps them race faster. No wonder it was a game changer when hydrofoils were introduced in the America’s Cup in 2013, after 159 years of using displacement boats…


How it all started….a look at the history of the America’s Cup 

How did the America’s Cup go from using displacement boats, heavy boats that sit deep in water, to foiling? Watch the evolution of the race from 1851 to now.



It’s just like flying…how foils work

Foiling looks impressive, it’s like flying on water. But how does it work? Here’s for the science bit….

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How to work with foils

Did you know that hydrofoils behave just as an aeroplane wing does? When foils get enough velocity they lift off the ground, making the cat fly on water. With the weight of the hull no longer dragging the boat down, the craft can sail much faster.


Learning to foil-tack


When SoftBank Team Japan started foiling-tacking successfully in 2016, the other teams knew they had to catch up and quickly! But it took a few crashes and mishaps before they managed to nail the tack.