If you’re in the market for buying a second-hand boat, it’s important to get as much information as you can about the vessel before you commit

We’ve put together eight key questions to ask the seller before purchasing a second-hand boat:

1. How many hours has the engine been used for?
2. How often has the boat been serviced?
3. Where has the boat been stored?
4. Is there any warranty left and is it transferable?
5. What does the warranty cover (if applicable)?
6. What problems has the boat had – if any?
7. Why are you selling?
8. How long have you owned the boat and are you the original owner?

Additional tips
When you’re out viewing a boat, it’s always worth asking if you can test-drive her, so you can get a feel for the vessel. In addition to the above questions, you would need to have a survey completed on the boat, along with a thorough inspection. A professional survey will assess the boat’s condition and highlight any problems that need to be resolved.