Thinking of biting the bullet and selling? Here are five tips to help the process go smoothly

Get your boat in great shape
The better your boat looks when you come to sell, the more likely someone is to want to buy it. First impressions count for a lot and with competition in the market being pretty tough, it’s important to make sure your boat stands out from the rest.

So whether it’s having the topsides professionally re-sprayed or replacing a few worn parts, spending that extra bit of cash will help towards a quicker sale.

Give her a thorough clean
After you’ve carried out all the necessary works and repairs, make sure you clean your boat from bow to stern in order to attract a potential buyer. Always ensure it’s presentable when pays the boat a visit. Remove any extra gear cluttering up the place: the buyer won’t expect it to be included in the sale and your boat will look bigger and better cared for.

Photographs are your friend
Your advertising campaign will play a big role in how quickly your boat sails off the shelf.  Make sure you have some great photos, and plenty of them, that will entice a potential buyer. If you can, take them on a sunny day, against an attractive backdrop. After all, a picture speaks a thousand words, and you want all of them to be attracting a buyer for your boat.

Take plenty of pictures from all angles so a potential buyer can get a good feel of the boat before they come to visit. There’s nothing worse than turning up to view a boat and find out it wasn’t actually what you were looking for.

Determine a price
Take a look online and see what similar boats are being sold for. If you’re looking for a quick sale, it’s always better to offer as competitive price as possible in order to entice a buyer. It’s also worth having your boat valued by a professional so you can determine its value and ensure you’re selling at a good price for you.

The advertising campaign
Display ‘For sale’ signs on your boat and advertise both online and in magazines. Those great pictures you’ve taken will come in handy here. When placing boat ad online, be sure to include plenty of detail about the boat and its specifications, as well as using plenty of pictures of the boat from a variety of angles.