City breaks are cheap and easy to organise. For a little travel inspiration, take a look at four of the best European destinations for a city break

If your holiday budget has been stretched by the cost of Christmas consider swapping sun, sea and sand for a money-saving city break. Not only do they provide the perfect opportunity to explore the history and culture of a place, but city breaks are cheap and easy to organise and don’t require a huge amount of luggage. In fact, with a bit of savvy packing, you may even be able to save on baggage costs by squeezing your weekend wardrobe into your hand luggage

For a little travel inspiration, take a look at four of the best European destinations for a city break.

Berlin, Germany

Despite its turbulent history, Berlin has emerged as a glamorous and fascinating city with much to offer those who tread here. Many come to get a feel for the history of the place, whilst others are just as interested in experiencing the undeniably hip social scene that the city has garnered. Strike the balance between culture and entertainment by starting your day with a trip to the Berlin Wall Memorial, before visiting one of the city’s many art galleries and winding down the day with a tipple or two in trendy Prenzlauer Berg.

Budapest, Hungary

Thanks to the arrival of the budget airline, Budapest has become a top destination for those looking to get away for a few days and, with the cool culture of Buda and the aristocratic grandeur of Pest, this popularity is entirely deserved. While away the days strolling between the two areas, ensuring you make time for the famous thermal spas and bath houses as well as the city’s vibrant nightlife.

Como, Italy

Situated at the foot of the lake of the same name, Como is home to a dazzling landscape of lush greenery, dramatic mountains and shimmering waters. Within the medieval walls of the city’s historic centre you can enjoy strolling along the cobbled streets, taking in the stunning views across the lake and sampling local cuisine in the many excellent cafes and restaurants. There are several churches and museums that are also not to be missed, including Como Cathedral and Tempio Voltiano.

Bruges, Belgium

For many, Bruges conjures images of chocolatiers and winding canals but there is much more to this picturesque city. Although it may appear suspended in time with its medieval architecture and fairytale charm, Bruges is a little livelier than its idyllic countenance would suggest, playing host to two large art shows as well as a bustling beer festival. It can be incredibly busy during the summer months, so winter is the perfect time to visit.