Liz and Jamie of Followtheboat reach one of their bucket list destinations, the active Indonesian volcano of Krakatoa

When we heard about the landslide of Anak Krakatoa and subsequent tsunami in December 2018 we were horrified to learn about the devastation to local communities along the coast of Java.

Out of respect for those caught up by the tsunami, we made the decision not to anchor along the Javanese coast where the biggest loss of life had occurred.

There were no charts or even satellite imagery with up to date information about the Krakatoa archipelago, so we wondered if we would be able to get near.

We made the decision that all we could do was try, and that if it looked too dangerous or a definite no-go we would carry on to Jakarta.

Even though two thirds of Anak Krakatoa slid under the water, it is a haunting sight. Possibly even more so because the volcano is still very much alive.

With palms sweating and adrenaline spewing through our veins, the sea flowed beneath us as we motored inside the archipelago.

If you were sailing on your dream boat, where would you go, and what is at the top of your bucket list? We were surprised by which spot came out top!