In the latest episode of Followtheboat, the appalling level of pollution in the Java Sea prompts some strong language from Jamie

What is going on in the Java Sea? Illegal fishing. A sloppy-choppy swell. Chattering-clattering coming from our prop. Something really horrible in the water!

The further we sailed from the Mentawais and Indian Ocean, the more the rubbish began to build.

By the time we reached the waters around Java it was like nothing we had seen before, with the possible exception of Mumbai in 2010. We’d heard it was bad, but this was shocking.

The passage to Batavia Marina in Jakarta was an uphill slog through tumbling waves and counter currents.

Along the way our prop began chattering, meaning Jamie had to take a look underwater. But with all the detritus swilling around it was not a job he relished.

We’re sure people will have their opinions on who to blame for this inexcusable situation.

But rather than encouraging a fault-finding exercise we have a positive story to tell, a beacon of hope from the next generation of young sailors.