The Cornish Shrimper is one of the all-time bestsellers among small, gaff-rigged character boats. Cornish Shrimper reviews, videos, discussion and owners association information here.

The Cornish Shrimper is raced as a class in Poole, Falmouth, the Solent, at Old Gaffer rallies and in Holland.

Cornish Shrimpers are such pretty little boats and such fun to sail it’s not hard to see why they continue to sell despite the eye-watering price tag.

The Hull has a large cockpit and low coachroof over a remarkably spacious two or two-plus-two cabin with generous sitting headroom. Depending in the option chsen there is a singleburner cooker, basin, sea-toilet, surface for chartwork and weekend storage.

A tent can be erected over the cockpit to create another two berths. Inboard or outboard engines are available. The interior is delightfully crafted and the whole package is stoutly built and neatly finished with good quality fittings.

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