Barden UK stocks all types of Lead Acid batteries from the humble car battery through to high powered Pure Lead AGM batteries.


Barden UK was formed some 18
years ago initially as a battery specialist. We stock all types of Lead Acid
batteries at our Fareham warehouse from the humble car battery through to high
powered, Pure Lead AGM batteries which can produce large amounts of current for
shorts burst and now even Lithium batteries for the ultimate battery. With
their lightweight and amazing performance they make any application possible!

With the emergence of the more
specialist types of batteries, has come the need to carefully and fully charge
them too. We are the premier distributor for CTEK battery chargers and for the
complete Victron Energy range covering all applications.

Not able to get to a mains hook up? We can recharge your batteries and provide power using our range of solar panels and wind turbines to harness the free, renewable energy that’s available in great abundance. We can also provide a complete range of pure sinewave inverters to power 230V appliances on the go too.

Please see examples of the different types of systems that can be built up using our products below:

A simple system using just a battery charger and battery monitor

A basic AC system to run a laptop or satellite TV

An extensive setup using an inverter charger at the heart of the system

Inverter chargers in parallel operation to provide additional power for large loads. Inverter power and charging current is doubled