An anchor is only as good as the line that’s holding it - we pick out 6 of the best anchor ropes on the market


Anchoring – the act of holding something in place – is a simple of enough concept in itself. However, when it comes to securing the position of a vessel bobbing around in the ocean in a variety of sea states ranging from millpond to hostile, the subject is worthy of deeper consideration.

Anyone who has spent a night at anchor with an angry sea slapping at the sides of their boat will testify to the importance of getting it right. And that means choosing the correct rope, or warp, to connect the boat to its anchor, is vital.

Not all forms of anchoring involve achieving a direct fix to the seabed. Fishermen, for example, may look to deploy a drift anchor (aka a sea anchor) to act as a drogue in order to slow the passage of their vessel in open water. Such anchors are often used by those fishing from kayaks and we’ve included an example in our selection below.

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But for most of us, anchoring means holding fast on the seabed, and here a combination of boat rope and chain, known as a rode, is often the preferred solution. The purpose of the chain is to lay flat on the seabed and help set the anchor so that any pull on it will be more horizontal than vertical. The rope, cheaper than chain, then provides the link between the chain and the boat.

In summary, when it comes to choosing the best anchor ropes, the rule of thumb is the more weight the better. The two most commonly used anchor warp materials are nylon and polyester, which in addition to being durable are both relatively weighty.

An additional option is to go for a leaded warp. The diameter of the rope should be chosen with its breaking strain and the weight of the vessel taken into consideration. A useful guide to determining the size of your anchor warp can be found on

6 of the best anchor ropes for boats


Docooler kayak drift anchor rope

Here’s our pick for a kayak drift anchor. Branded ‘Docooler’ this highly affordable piece of kit comprises a 9.1 metre long nylon rope, a bright yellow EVA floating foam ball and stainless steel clips at either end to secure the kayak to a drogue chute, which is not supplied and has to be purchased separately.

Available on Amazon, the Docooler is not restricted to acting as a drift anchor rope; users report it also comes in handy for joining two stand up paddleboards together in order to tow the kids home when they’ve had enough!

Price: £10.99

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Superlene anchor line

Superlene anchor lines carry the Talamex brand, which is the yachting division of respected Netherlands-based marine products supplier Lankhorst Taselaar/Hohorst. That means they should be good, so purchasers can expect to receive a quality product.

Available in multiple colours including blue, navy, black and white, these lines are offered in pre-cut lengths of 20 metres. Two diameters of line are listed, 10 mm and 12 mm, and each line is supplied with a spliced-in stainless steel thimble for easy attachment. The rope itself is of the twisted variety, so will be slightly more stretchy than an equivalent braided line.

Price: £27.22 – £44.84

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Force 4 leaded anchor rope30m

Leading chandlery Force 4 offers its own-branded anchor rope, which are available in diameters of 10 mm or 12 mm. Manufactured from a braided polyester material for strength and good handling, each rope features a lead core over the first 10 metres of its length.

This makes these lines ideal for dinghies, small RIBs and open boats. The advantage of a leaded line is that while they share many of the benefits of chain, the risk of damaging the boat is diminished. Also, leaded lines do not collect as much mud and weed as chain, and, of course, they won’t rust.

Supplied in lengths of 30 metres, the 10 mm line is intended for boats of up to 16 feet, while the 12 mm lines is recommended for craft up to 20 feet in length.

Price: £62.95 – £72.95

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Talamex polyester braided anchor rope

Another Talamex branded product, this time available on eBay, where the seller offers a quantity discount of up to 5 percent for a multi-buy – so if you run a fleet of small boats, this supplier could be the one for you!

These ready-to-use anchor ropes are made of braided polyester line with a lead core. A stainless steel thimble, spliced in and finished with whipping, completes the package which is sold in 20 metre lengths.

Just one size of line – 10 mm – is offered, which should prove strong enough for vessels of up to 16 feet in length.

Price: £63.89

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Pindex nylon anchor rope

This nylon anchor rope from Pindex is supplied in pre-cut lengths. Buyers can choose from the following options:

  • 10 mm line: 30 or 61 metres
  • 12 mm line: 30, 61 or 91 metres
  • 19 mm line: 45 metres

As such, there’s a Pindex anchor rope to suit many light and heavy duty applications. Each line is constructed from high quality, three stranded braided nylon and features a stainless steel thimble secured by a good joint and strong whipping.

Ensuring a quality job at both ends of the line, the bitter end of each rope is heat sealed to prevent unravelling.

Price: £23.99 – £69.99

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Liros leaded anchor rope

Regarded by many as the gold standard of rope, our featured Liros leaded anchor rope is offered by TCS Chandlery. Supplied in a sturdy anchor bag, this line has a lead core built into its first 10 metres of length enabling it to be used with our without chain, depending on the type of vessel and the conditions in which it is anchored.

A stainless steel thimble, spliced into the end and secured with whipping, is included. The line itself is made from a white with blue colour coding 100 percent polyester yarn, which is both chafe and UV resistant.

Price: £114.95

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