We take a look at 7 of the best boating Bluetooth speakers on the market right now that can upgrade your boat's audio system


In many ways, Bluetooth has been manna from Heaven for the boating community. No longer is it necessary to struggle routeing wires from the stereo to the speakers, Bluetooth does away with that at a stroke. Just stream from your smartphone, tablet or other device instead.

Depending on who you choose to believe, Bluetooth has a range of between 10 and 30 metres, although the actual distance it reaches can be shortened due to walls, partitions and other obstacles. But – and importantly – Bluetooth does not require line-of-sight to work, which makes it great for boating applications.

Lastly, Bluetooth doesn’t care unduly about the weather, so as long as the speakers themselves are waterproof, they’re good to go on a boat.

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A word of advice here, the Ingress Protection code covers a range of water resistance from IPX1 (protection against condensation or vertical drips) to IPX8 (protection for more than 30 minutes against immersion under pressure).

So when checking just how ‘waterproof’ a marine speaker is, look for its IPX rating. A full explanation of the IP rating system is available on the RS Components website.

Today, there are numerous boating Bluetooth speakers on the market. Some are designed to be fixed, some are portable. Here’s our selection of seven of the best available today.

7 of the best boating Bluetooth speakers


Tribit XSound Surf

Our entry level choice is this IPX7 rated 12 Watt Bluetooth speaker from Tribit. Launched in 2017 Tribit is a relatively new player on the audio scene, but with a lead engineer who was previously with a leading US audio brand, they should know a thing or two about producing a great sound.

The company claims its own signature sound, with resonating bass, solid treble and balance all round are the hallmarks of its systems. And with a price point of less than £20, you’re unlikely to go too far wrong with this stylish, portable and waterproof Bluetooth speaker.

Price: £19.99

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Enacfire Bluetooth speaker

Another portable option is this Enacfire Bluetooth speaker. Available on eBay, it too is rated at IPX7, which is defined as providing protection against immersion at a depth of 15cm to 1 metre for 30 minutes. That means it should be eminently suitable for any marine application.

The Enacfire’s stereo active dual speakers have been optimised for dynamic range and clarity to provide an atmosphere-creating all-round sound. The 12 Watt speakers should be suitable for many applications, providing ambient noise levels (such as a boat engine, perhaps) are not excessive.

Another great feature of this inexpensive unit is its battery life, which is claimed to be more than 24-hours on a single charge.

Price: £25.99

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Herdio surface-mounted speakers

4.0 Bluetooth connectivity, 100 Watts rated (peak power), a frequency response of 65Hz-20Khz and a built-in amplifier make these Herdio speakers well worth considering.

Given these speakers are designed to be surface mounted, it’s fair to assume that they are more likely to be doused with spray than integral speakers. But, with an IP rating of IP66, (protection against powerful jets of water), they should be up to the job.

To ensure these speakers not only sound good but look good too, their grilles are rust proof and their cabinets made from heavy duty plastic.

Inside the boxes, which are powered by the system’s independent Bluetooth amplifier, are 4″ two-way full range stereo speakers with a PEI Dome tweeter.

Price: £55.99

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Hi Rec Boom Brick

Here we have a product which does exactly what it says on the tin – the Decathlon’s Hi Rec offering is a brick of speaker packed with boom!

It’s also IPX7 rated and features two 4 Watt full range speakers to generate a sound to remember. Decathlon has a history of developing its own products and while the Boom Brick is listed as being ideal as a poolside companion, we reckon it would be great on a boat too.

The connectivity is Bluetooth 3.0, and recharging the battery, which runs for up to 15 hours, is effected via a USB charging point.

Price: £59.99

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Marshall Emberton bluetooth speakers

Here’s one for the wannabe rockstars among us – a waterproof (IPX7) rated portable Bluetooth speaker that carries the famous Marshall name beloved by musicians and audiophiles the world over.

With up to 20 hours of music on a single charge, this is a sound system designed to go far. The unit utilises a system known as True Stereophonic, a form of multi-directional sound from Marshall designed to deliver the listener with 360° sound.

A great looking product guaranteed to get people talking – and listening – the speaker comes in a choice of three colourways.

And with its solid metal grille, brass-finish control knob and that iconic Marshall logo, you won’t find a cooler speaker anywhere.

Price: £129.00

Buy it now on johnlewis.com


Pyle Bluetooth Marine Grade speakers

Delivering a total of 240 Watts of peak power, these marine grade speakers from Pyle provide a full range stereo sound through a pair of 6.5″ high quality reinforced polypropylene cones.

Being flush mounted means they can be installed into walls, ceilings or any other convenient surface, such as a bulkhead or radar arch.

The speakers’ IPX5 rating means they are protected against low pressure jets of water from any angle, so they should be fine for all but the wettest boats.

The speakers themselves are operated by way of a simple digital touch button controller which incorporates connection-confirming LED lights.

Price: £136.00

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Velex Marine Audio System

Tipping the price scales at just below £150 is this marine audio stereo speaker package which comes complete with a Velex-branded MP3, DAB, FM/AM and USB player.

The Velex’s four 40 Watt (peak power) channels stream music into the system’s two 6.5 inch marine grade two-way, dual-cone, full range speakers which are rated at 180 Watts (peak power) per pair.

The whole system is IPX6 rated and marketed specifically as ‘marine environment friendly’. The Velex control unit has been designed to fit into a standard gauge tachograph aperture and should you wish for even more volume, an RCA output on the back of the unit can be connected to an external amplifier.

Price: £146.00

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