All-year-round care for waste tanks

Waste tanks should be inspected at least twice a season but will vary according to usage. Most waste holding tanks have an inspection hatch for this purpose. Empty the tank and check for calcium and limescale. If tank has a large amount of build up then use some sort of holding tank treatment. Many of the holding tank treatments will clean the tank, break down solids and remove the calcium and limescale build-ups. Never put anything into a marine sanitation system that is not specifically marketed for that purpose. Do not use detergent, washing up liquid or other cleaners, especially cleaning products which contain pine oil, petroleum, or alcohol.Tek-Tanks waste warning

If you have smells coming from the tank area then check all the hoses for tightness and the inspection hatch seal. Test all hoses by wiping with a cloth and then checking for odour on the cloth. If there is a whiff then consider replacing the hoses. Tank smells can be avoided by regularly pumping the tank out and flushing with fresh water from the toilet.

Check all straps and fixings for tightness and clean exterior of tank with damp cloth. During winter layup leave tank empty!


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