Sika systems are ideal for use on all types of craft, from small sailing yachts and motor boats, through to large superyachts and commercial vessels.

Sika’s adhesives and sealants are working materials which show good affinity for other surfaces. Their task is to flow as a liquid onto and into the contours of a surface and then transform themselves into a solid, by developing both a physical and a chemical bond with the substrate.

Sika Marine adhesive and sealant systems range from fluid liquids to heavy, viscous paste like materials, able to supply low-to-high strength values and cure to a highly elastic or rigid bond. The ability of the adhesive or sealant to “wet” a surface is very critical in development of a proper bond; solidification (curing) can take place through a physical or a chemical reaction, or through both at the same time. Experience has shown that chemically reactive adhesives like Sikaflex® have the highest strength, durability and resistance to water.

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