The ECOmar Sewage Water Treatment System takes the hassle out of pumping out black water by neutralising it and purifying it so that it can be safely discharged overboard

There’s no denying that pumping out grey and black water is the least pleasant job that needs doing on a boat.

ECOmar Sewage Water Treatment System could put an end to this joyless task once and for all.

This compact system allows for grey and black water to be discharged directly into the sea by neutralising it with hydrogen peroxide.

A probe regularly measures the black water tank level, adding the right amount of hydrogen peroxide to neutralise any harmful bacteria and unpleasant odours.
The black water is processed twice to purify the contents. Once neutralised, the wastewater is then flushed out and discharged overboard.
The ECOmar 20 can process a huge amount of water daily – up to 2,000 litres to be precise, whilst other ECOmar models can process up to 54,500 litres a day!


The process is fully automated and boat owners will only have to top up the hydrogen peroxide when needed. Refills cost £90 and are available at marinas, but a full 25 litre tank can last up to a full boating season.

Besides taking out the hassle of pumping out black and grey water, the ECOmar system is also beneficial to the environment, thanks to its neutralising and purifying process.
Sewage discharged into rivers, lakes and the sea can have a serious impact on the water and can potentially become a health hazard.
Many countries don’t allow boats to discharge untreated sewage until they are at least three miles offshore and many marinas, port authorities and rivers operate a zero discharge policy. Canada for example has strict rules when it comes to discharging black water into the Great Lakes: vessels simply aren’t allowed to; they must hold the waste into the boat tank until they reach a pumping out station.

In the South of France and Monaco boats aren’t allowed to berth in some marinas until management is satisfied with the craft’s plumbing arrangements.

ECOmar simply puts an end to these issues.
The system takes only two days to install and plumbs directly into the boat’s black water tank.

purifying system
The smallest ECOmar, the 20 model, is about the same size as a washing machine and can be fitted into the engine room or lazarette of craft over 50ft.
This model costs £11,592 ex VAT and Technicomar’s UK dealer, Aquamare provides a trained team of specialists to install the ECOmar system on all different types of yachts. Red Jet Ferries already use it, along with superyachts and houseboats.

For more information visit  or call the Aquamare team on on +44 (0)1752 604603.