Antifoul DIY Safe Antifouling Initiative

Get your boat into shape ahead of the new season with our guide to antifouling

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Seajet have produced a 60 page catalogue containing product information and extensive application advice. Please request one from your local retailer or country distributor.

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Work out how much anti-foul paint and primer you need for your boat with our online calculator

Set a budget for buying your boat

When buying a boat there are some key steps you should follow to make sure you get the perfect boat for your needs. Here you'll find Motor Boats Monthly's top…

WindPower-AirBreeze Barden

Wind power all starts with the sun. When the Sun heats up a certain area of land, the air around that land mass absorbs some of that heat. At a…

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WindPower-AirBreeze Barden

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A battery charger is a device used to put energy into a rechargeable battery by forcing an electric current through it. Most chargers these days are “Smart” 3 stage chargers…

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Battery monitors, power packs and distilled water solutions from Barden

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