Fishfinder Systems

A complete fishfinder/sonar system consists of:


Multifunction Display (MFD) Sonar / Sounder Module (DSM) GPS Antenna / Sensor Transducer
Some MFDs require a separate DSM and GPS Antenna while others have these built into the display. A powerful sonar system can be achieved by networking a DSM to a Multifunction Display via SeaTalkHS. Check to see if your MFD has an internal GPS antenna. If not, you can easily add a Raymarine RayStar125 to your network. Finally, you will need a transducer. The type of transducer required depends on your vessel and performance required

Selecting the right Multifunction Display


The NEW Raymarine e7(D) Multifunction Displays and the Raymarine A Series Chartplotter-Fishfinders have HD Digital sonar modules and GPS sensors built in to the displays. Therefore you do not require a separate sounder module or GPS sensor.


A more powerful sonar system can be achieved by networking a Raymarine Digital Sounder Module (DSM) with a compatible Multifunction Display via SeaTalkHS.



MFDs with built in sonar and GPS sensor MFDs that require an external DSM
Raymarine A Series Chartplotter-Fishfinders Raymarine e7(D) Multifunction Display Raymarine C Series Widescreen Raymarine E Series Widescreen Raymarine G Series

For assistance in creating a Raymarine sonar system, please contact your nearest Raymarine dealer.

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