RNS 6.2

Raymarine’s NEW PC navigation solution for Windows XP and Windows 7
operating systems. RayTech RNS v6.2 provides a comprehensive set of
navigation tools including multi-format electronic charting, SeaTalk hselectronics integration, worldwide tides and currents, and more.

NEW RayTech RNS v6.2 is offered in 3 different formats: 

  • RayTech RNS v6.2 Full Version is for new customers to RayTech software. Customers should buy the original RNS v6.0/v6.1 boxed product which will give them a valid license key and therefore a free upgrade to v6.2.
  • RayTech RNS v6.2 Upgrade Version is free for users of RayTech RNS v6.0/v6.1 – customers must have a valid license key to download this upgrade. RayTech RNS v5.0 owners can also download this upgrade for a small charge – a valid RayTech RNS v5.0 license key is required to install this latest upgrade version.
  • RayTech RNS Planner Version is a FREE planning tool available to all for home planning use.

New Features:

  • C Series Wide Integration
  • Windows 7 Compatibility

NOTE: RayTech RNS 6.2 is only available as a web download as an upgrade to RayTech RNS 6.1.

RayTech Planner: Try Before You Buy!

Not sure if RayTech RNS 6.2 is right
for you? Download RayTech Planner, our free at-home planningRNS 6.2 product
based on RayTech RNS 6.2.

RayTech Planner allows you to:

  • Plan your trips at home, then save your waypoints and routes to a portable Flash memory card.

  • Try out many of the features and functions of the full RayTech RNS 6.2 software.

Go to the RayTech Planner page for more information and to download it now, free!

Existing RayTech RNS 6.0/6.1 Users: 

Upgrade to version 6.2 for free by downloading RayTech 6.2 planner
and use your RayTech RNS 6.0/6.1 license key to unlock RayTech Planner
to the v6.1 full version. Please make sure all previous versions have
been removed first via Add/Remove programs.