From submersibles to jetsurfs, superyacht toys are the ultimate in fun and luxury for anyone who loves the water and sailing. Here are six of the best to ensure there's never a dull moment at sea...

Whether you are after your very own customised superyacht slide or dream to fly over or under water, the world of water toys has no barriers and constantly delivers new gadgets and vehicles to make the most of life at sea.
There’s something for each taste, all you need to do is stock up your yacht and let your guests have the time of their life.


Jetlev Flyer

One of most sought after toys of the moment and it’s easy to see why. The Jetlev Flyer can fly above or below the water surface, it’s light and compact and can easily be stored on a yacht. Ideal for the daredevil! Available from Superyacht Tender and Toys. Prices start from €99,000.00.



Little is as exhilarating as discovering the secrets of the underwater world and what better way to do it from your very own submarine?

Available with 2-6 people capacity, this submarine can dive up to 1000m and it’s perfect for large yachts to superyachts. The ultimate toy. From €1.3m. For more information visit www.superyachttendersandtoys.


Yamaha FX Cruiser SVHO


This three-seater long distance cruiser is ideal for those seeking extreme sport action on water. It’s easy to handle and very stable. The Super Vortex High Output engine and the new lightweight NanoXcel®2 hull guarantee high performance and speed.
This cruiser is packed with features including Electronic Throttle Control with Cruise-Assist and No-Wake Mode, Reverse with Traction Control and Electronic Trim. Available from Ocean Premium and priced at €16967,00.

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Freestyle Cruiser Curved Yacht Slide

water slide attached to a yacht

Children will love this curved yacht slide and we suspect adults will too. Custom built to the exact specifications of a yacht, slides come in several different models, from a lightweight slide (for yachts with a rail height of less than 5m) to non-leg supported slides (up to 12m high) and curved ones, such as this, a slide is a must have for family fun on water. Slides are still one of the most popular toys for large yachts and superyachts. Prices start at $18,995.00 from Superyachts Tenders and Toys.



picture of red seabob


Seabobs are still hugely popular toys. Lightweight – this F5S by Ocean Premium only weighs 35kg – easy to handle and fast both over and under water with a propulsive force of 680 newtons and six power levels. No superyacht should be without one. Prices start at  10780,00.



man jetsurfing under a big wave


With a speed of up to 57km per hour, Jetsurfs are fast, fun and quite a bit easier to use than a standard, non motorised surfboard. They are also light and easily stored even on smaller yachts, making them a popular toy. Click here for more information.