According to sailing legend, Sir Robin Knox-Johnston, naming a boat "is very personal" and reflects the owner's aims and personality. Find out if your boat name makes the BoatUS top 10 list!

America’s Cup skipper, Sir Ben Ainslie famously names all of his boats Rita, while Greek-Argentine shipping magnate, Aristotle Onassisa named his luxury motor yacht, Christina O, after his daughter.

American president, John F. Kennedy owned a series of Star class boats called Flash and Flash II.

Meanwhile, Beatle Paul McCartney named his 52-foot converted fishing boat Barnaby Rudge after a Charles Dickens’ character.

Sir Robin Knox-Johnston called his Open 60, which he entered in the Route du Rhum in 2014, Grey Power.

“I think the naming of a boat is very personal. In the old days you’d use use something that you hoped would bring you luck, like Provident, a name like that or some use their daughter’s name or their wife’s name,” he said.

Two people on board a wooden boat

Sir Ben Ainslie and his wife, Georgie on board the Hoek Truly Classic 65 yacht, Rita, which they honeymooned on

“I always think it is a very personal thing a name. Everyone got Grey Power. It was me basically saying to people that just because I’ve passed retirement age it doesn’t mean that my brain has turned to porridge or I am going to have a heart attack every time I climb the stairs, so I thought calling the boat Grey Power sent a little message,” explained Sir Robin

A white motor yacht on the sea

Oasis was the eighth most popular name

If none of these names ‘float your boat’, then The Boat Owners Association of The United States (BoatUS) might be able to help.

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In a tradition dating back a quarter of a century, it has now revealed the list of the top ten boat names.

The BoatUS 2017 Top 10 Boat Names and their meanings:

1. Serenity: The utter calm and quietude boating brings
2. Seas the Day: A nautical wordplay on the Latin saying “Carpe diem,” taking boating to its fullest
3. Andiamo: “Let’s go!” in Italian and a perennial favorite boat name
4. Irish Wake: Mourning and merrymaking after the death of a family member or friend
5. Freedom: Patriotic name that first appeared on the Top 10 Names List in 2004
6. Adagio: Italian for “at a slow tempo.” Represents how boating reduces stress in our hectic lives
7. Ohana: From the Hawaiian culture, meaning “family” in an extended sense
8. Oasis: A fertile spot in a desert where water is found; symbolises boating’s ability to refresh and nourish our daily lives
9. Happy Ours: A playful take on the good feeling you get at the afternoon communal cocktail time
10. Firefly: Making the list for the first time, it’s thought that the kids picked this one

This year sees the return of Serenity to the top spot.

It is one of the most popular names in the USA, coming first eight times between 1993 and 2016.