The lone skipper was rescued after his yacht ran aground and was listing heavily on the breakwater of Ardglass Marina in Northern Ireland

A sailor has been rescued after his yacht ran aground on the breakwater at Ardglass Marina resulting in the boat listing heavily to starboard.

The incident happened in the early hours of yesterday morning (26 July).

A white yacht lists heavily after running aground at Ardglass Marina. The orange lifeboat can be seen assisting

The yacht was listing heavily to starboard. Credit: RNLI/Newcastle

The lone skipper contacted the Coastguard via VHF to request assistance.

The volunteer crew of Newcastle RNLI in County Down launched at just before 4am. The Newcastle Coastguard Team was also tasked. 

A yacht run aground in the early hours of the morning at Ardglass Marina in Northern Ireland

The yacht aground. Credit: RNLI/Newcastle

A spokesman for Newcastle RNLI said the crew arrived at the mouth of Ardglass Marina 45 minutes later and found “the yacht hard aground and listing heavily to starboard on the breakwater protecting the marina.”

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The falling tide made recovering the sailor far from straightforward.

“The lifeboat under command of coxswain William Chambers and his crew tried manoeuvring the lifeboat close to the yacht only to find the tide had fallen too much and was too far away to retrieve the lone sailor from his vessel,” explained the spokesman.

“With full coordination between both the lifeboat and Newcastle Coastguard on the shore, the lifeboat pulled back to deeper water and provided safety cover while members of Newcastle Coastguard Team carried out a rescue from the shore,” he added.

The Coastguard team safely brought the yachtsman to shore. He had no injuries.

The lone yachtsman was then left to make preparations to recover his yacht.