The Taiwanese designer drew inspiration from his love of motorcycles.

A new sport fishing yacht design is blending life on the water with life on the open road.

Images of the boat are below the story.

Taiwan-based Hyperlien Yacht has released renderings of a fishing yacht featuring what they’ve called “saddlebags,” aluminium alloy containers that sit at the aft of the boat, on either side, appearing to hang over the gunwale.

These saddlebags on the 28ft yacht Modern Vintage are fishing kit, allowing anglers to store their fishing tackle and refrigerate bait and fresh catch.

Hyperlien chief designer Janus Huang hit upon the idea after a motorcycling trip in the mountains according to a statement from the company. After returning home, Huang immediately sketched out his design. The next day, he called a design meeting, and, not long after, the prototype was settled.

“No one has designed something like that in [the] yacht[ing] world; we’re the first.” Huang said.

“I told our design team, though it’s inspired by saddlebags, the appearance and the texture must be similar to suitcases.”

According to the company, the external fishing kit is integrated into the yacht’s overall “vintage” appearance.

The capacity of the fishing kit is 200 litres in total, and each saddlebag accessory can serve multiple uses. Both are apparently refrigerated with areas for storing fishing tackle, and keeping bait and fish fresh. The setup also includes a bait tray, fishing rod storage and cup holder.

The rear deck is reconfigurable, with the aft bench seat being extendable as a sun lounger. The designers have also created a folding BBQ grill as an optional accessory.

Without any options, Modern Vintage retails from $120,000 USD.

The fishing yacht won the German iF product design award in 2015, and also a special mention at the Millennium Yacht Design Awards in 2016.

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