The new Edorado 7S promises a top speed of 40 knots and zero emissions! Could this be the future of powerboating?

The new Edorado 7S promises to be “nothing like any other electric boat that sails the seas today”, according to the company behind the new powerboat.

The Amsterdam-based Edorado Marine has spent two years researching and designing the full electric, zero emissions powerboat.

With its unique hydrofoil design, the 7S rides above the water creating very low drag, which in turn increases maximum speed and range.

It should come as no surprise that America’s Cup technology has played a part in the design of the new boat.

Edorado 7S

The Edorado 7S aims to offer speed on the water without the damaging effect of fossil fuels


Tom Speer is part of the design team for Oracle Team USA and was responsible for the hydrodynamic design of the Edorado 7s.

“The hydrofoil design minimises the required power up to 40 knots. It is stable in pitch, heave, and roll, so the boat’s safety doesn’t depend on an active control system, which would be complex, redundant, and expensive,” he notes.

With a top speed of 40 knots, the 7s “takes off” on its hydrofoils at 18 knots and reaches “flying height” at 25 knots.

It has an 80 kilometre cruising range at a speed of 25 knots.

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Edorado’s USA partner, Scott Ruck believes the team has taken “a unique and innovative approach to developing a superior high-performance electric sport boat.”

“Applying advanced technologies and clever design has produced a fast electric sport boat that finally delivers the performance the market demands,” he stressed.

Edorado 7S full-electric speedboat

Side view

“The Edorado 7S is not just a new boat, it’s a whole new boating experience, a no-compromise blending of performance, luxury, quality, and sustainability,” added Ruck.

At just over 23-foot long, the 7s is powered by two 40kw motors. It has a draft of 1.15/3.10-ft.

Waterproofing according to IP67 standard means that even fully immersed, the drivetrain will continue to function.

The 7S is suitable for lakes, rivers and coastal waters with waves up to 2 metres, according to CE-C certification.

It comes with a range of equipment including retractable swim steps, electric bilge pump, flush deck cleats, full boat cover, hydraulic steering and a 15-inch touch-screen with built in navigation and controls that can be read in bright sunlight.

Prices start from €135,000 (US$150,000). Pre-orders are currently being taken.