Feadship's Future Concept, Choice, offers ultimate luxury and even comes with a detachable beach house for those wanting to live both on and off board.

The 244-foot Choice comes with two co-propulsion tenders, a detachable beach house, a two-person drone and a motion compensated pool.

The design of the superyacht aims to give owners as much flexibility as possible.

Key are the two detachable 80-foot tenders either side of the yacht.

With a top speed of 25-knots and stability in rough seas, they have a faster speed and reduced draught compared to the mothership.

Each also comes with two double suites, a single cabin and a lounge.

Although the resistance of the hull and the tenders combined is higher than that of conventional yachts, the Dutch boat designer said the ability to transport guests to the required destinations by the fast tenders means Choice can follow more slowly behind and catch up at leisure.

See pictures  of Choice below

Attached to the mothership, the tenders serve as a supplementary boarding area and swimming platform, offering an impressive entrance to the main deck lounge plus two extra Jacuzzis.

They also increase the beam of the boat by 21-feet, offering wide side decks with cosy seating.

Meanwhile, the mothership has its own electric propulsion package, charged by the tenders while docked.

Feadship's Future Concept, Choice

A render of the beach house

This arrangement allows for the type of slow steaming operation adopted by large cargo vessels.

In addition to silent anchoring, the mothership is also whisper-quiet when steaming along at a cruising speed of 10-knots.

The drone is located at the top of the yacht. It has room for two people plus the pilot.

The amphibious beach house apartment allows up to two guests to overnight on a nearby beach. It comes with a double bedroom, and a separate bathroom with shower.

With the beach house detached, the aft end of the mothership can then be transformed into a private sandy beach.

Once the tenders are uncoupled, the sides of the beach club offer safe water access for swimming or scuba diving, and a stunning spot for waterfront dining.

Another innovative feature on board Choice is a motion-compensated pool which does not move with the yacht.

Choice also sees the debut of a new revolution in autonomous control which has been designed to relieve crew and let yachts run on their own.

The Feadship Independent Control System (FICS) uses sensor technology and real-time online data such as wave radar, weather forecasts and traffic information to gather information on the surrounding conditions.

Intelligent control processes deploy this data to determine how the yacht should best respond, such as choosing the most suitable route to sail and optimising comfort at anchor.

“We haven’t quite reached the autopilot stage yet, but the way this solution communicates with the environment is optimised to the highest degree,” commented the senior designer at Feadship, Ruud Bakker.

“FICS supports captains and frees up their time for other things that make the guests’ stay on a Feadship even more pleasant. It has also allowed us to dispense with the conventional wheelhouse: as an autonomous yacht, Choice only requires a bridge lounge with some minor technical buttons for steering. As is often the case with a Feadship Future Concept, one good thing frequently leads to another,” he explained.

Choice can accommodate four guests in two double suites and four guests in two twin suites.

It also has room for a crew of 16.

The unveiling of Choice marks the tenth anniversary of the Feadship Future Concept, which is based on client feedback, regular brainstorming sessions and research studies by the Dutch boat designer.

Previous future concept designs have included the hybrid propulsion F-stream, the low fuel consumption Breathe and the eco-friendly designed Aeon.