Heesen has unveiled the first pictures of Project Maximus - the new revolutionary 83-metre superyacht concept

Designed by Clifford Denn who created Cunard’s Queen Mary 2, Project Maximus boasts plenty of space on board.

The new 83-metre concept is Heesen’s largest yacht to date, and has a private exterior deck for the owner and guests which runs an almost unprecedented full length of the ship.

An almost vertical bow enables an extended waterline length and so allows the crash bulkhead to move forward, gaining interior space and volume.

This frees up further exterior space at the stern of the vessel, including an impressive pool area, stunning waterfall features and a large bathing platform.

Wide stairs link all external decks, and a fantastic cosy covered external lounge and dining area is located just forward of the pool on the main deck. there is also good wind home for all aft decks.

It can take up to five guests, with the option for two VIP suites and one guest room, as well as an expansive owner’s suite.

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Project Maximus has been inspired by Denn’s previous designs for commercial passenger vessels.

It particularly draws from Viking Ocean Cruise vessels, where the wheel house is located forward and under the passenger decks.

The result is a striking, long, low, sleek and narrow superyacht.

Speaking at the unveiling of Project Maximus, Denn said: “When compared with other boats of its size it has an enormous pool, huge external deck areas, and all with the same internal volumes as a normal 83 metres”.

“It’s large boat thinking that puts the owner’s needs first,” he added.