The 330ft Explorer superyacht's cargo space can be adapted to carry sea planes, ski mobiles, hot air balloons or hovercrafts.

A New York-based superyacht design studio has partnered with a South African design studio to create a 100-metre yacht concept that can be adapted to carry any type of vehicle.

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Impossible Productions, Ink LLC and Tim Dempers Studio in Capetown worked for a year to come up with a yacht concept based on a reconfigurable cargo deck platform that allows the vessel to be tailored to its owner’s needs.

According to Impossible Productions, the cargo deck forms a protected courtyard space that sits between two accommodation blocks and can be used for entertaining, tender storage or container storage for any type of “mission” vehicles imaginable.

“This cargo space has been designed to carry a sea plane, cars, motorcycles, a sail yacht, ski mobiles, hot air balloons, hover crafts or any other vehicles depending on the area of operation and the requirements of the owner.”

These optional mission-ready vehicles would be in addition to the ship’s own helicopter, Triton submarine, jet skis and 18m day boat.

The company says all tenders and the helicopter are housed in protected, climate-controlled storage to prevent corrosion.

The ship’s two huge separate accommodation areas would offer wraparound, 360-degree, windowed views as well as private, sunken sundecks. The forward “pod” area is the ship’s command centre and incorporates office space as well as mission-based planning areas. The aft pod is the owner’s accommodation block.

Food production areas, photovoltaic power cells, lifeboats, an outdoor cinema are just a few of the features that can be included in the reconfigurable design, and the company says it’s open to further suggestions from interested clients.

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