We take a look at some of the most impressive launches of 2015. From Princess S65 to Hanse 315 via more out there designs such as the Barracuda SV11, this year has certainly brought us some truly amazing craft. Take a look at all the pictures and and find out why these beauties have caught our eye.

There have been some truly impressive boat launches in 2015 and it’s not been easy to pick the ones that really stood out for us. Whether it’s because of their design, their speed, features or accommodation, all these new boats have left an impression. Find out why and see our complete gallery below.

Hanse 315


Hanse 315
Beautiful, great for coastal cruising and easy to sail.


W1DA 33

W1DA 33
One design offshore racing and practical cruiser, innovative design and environmentally conscious.



Rustler 37

Rustler 37
The Rustler 37 got Yachting Monthly very excited as yachts by Rustler don’t come out very often. This craft feels firm and sturdy, and whilst the acceleration may take some time in gusts, once it starts, there’s no slowing her down. Read Yachting Monthly’s review here.



Axopar 28

Axopar 28
“The Axopar is a real master of all trades.”, says MBY’s Jack Haines. “Fast and with a brilliant hull it also manages to squeeze sleeping accommodation and five forward-facing seats into its lithe frame. Best of all? It is excellent value for money.”. Watch MBY put Axopar 28 to the test here.



Princess S65
“Handsome, spacious, beautifully finished and capable of nearly 40 knots, the S65 is a sure sign that sportsbridges are here to stay. If you can accept the slightly smaller flybridge it is almost the perfect owner/operator machine.”, says MBY boat tester Jack. MBY puts Princess S65 to the test here.



Barracuda SV11 stealth boat

Barracuda SV11
Motor Boat & Yachting Jack Haines says: “If the XO is the most bonkers production boat we tested this year then the Barracuda is the most bonkers outright. It is £1 million worth of fully armed military assault craft, capable of going through anything the sea dare throw at it. In the February issue editor Hugo puts it (and himself) to the test in heaving seas off Ireland.”



XO 250

“Possibly the most bonkers production boat we have tested this year.”, says Jack Haines. “It is weapons-grade fun out on the water and looks like the Devil’s personal water chariot. The hull is hard and nails and, despite its compact length, the 250 will pretty much go through anything.”

See all the other boats we’ve loved this year and find out why in the gallery below.

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