The Monaco-based luxury yacht builder, Stefano Pastrovich has unveiled his latest concept - the 80m X-Prime.

Monaco-based Pastrovich Studio approached the design of the new 80m X-Prime with the idea of having a single deck which puts the owner at the centre of all on board operations.

As a result, the motor yacht has no long corridors or individual, isolated spaces. Instead, carefully placed walls create separate zones, helping to split up the space for relaxing and socialising.

“Each setting is more private than the main salon yet remain connected. Like this, you always feel together with your family members,” says Pastrovich.

See pictures of the new 80m X-Prime below

The owner’s reserved suite is on the top deck with panoramic views and a private balcony. The guest suites are located on the main deck with direct access to the main salon aft and the apartment deck above. X-Prime can accommodate between 12-14 guests.

The materials used for the exterior and interior are based around soft and natural finishes.

Much of the yacht’s design is focused on the colours, sounds and textures to be found at sea, and the beach terrace accentuates this core intention.

It is inspired by tropical beach houses which sit just a few metres from the shoreline. There are openings both port side and starboard which allows for breeze and gives the area an even greater feeling of space.

The X-Prime has easy access to the water, and there is a glass house on the terrace providing shelter when needed.

The motor yacht, which will be powered by a diesel electric engine, also features a Jacuzzi, bow lounge, spa, gym and cinema.

The names of all of Pastrovich Studio’s concept designs begin with an ‘X’, drawing inspiration from the aeronautic world, where aircraft prototypes follow this rule. As well as a marine architect, Stefano Pastrovich is also an aerobatic competition pilot.

His design philosophy has always been: “Design any kind of boat, no holds barred, so long as it’s the best of its kind”.