With a top speed of more than 53 knots, the SARCO is the latest concept from Timur Bozca and embraces elements of automotive and yacht design...with a dinosaur twist!

The inspiration for SARCO is the head of the Ferocious Sarcosuchus Crocodile, a dinosaur which was as large as a school bus in its day.

Thankfully, this latest design by Timur Bozca is equally as head turning, but not as scary!

The 19-metre luxury motor yacht aims to deliver “more performance, more luxury, more innovation”, and has a “very strong and fastback appearance,” according to the Turkish designer, who was responsible for the minimalistic Cauta sailing yacht.

It will comes with twin MTU V10 2000 M94 engines and is made of carbon fibre.

SARCO by Timur Bozca

Aft view

“This also gives the opportunity to explore new surface design and sculptural shapes to lure sensual design with sharp personality,” explained Bozca.

“With the use of advanced materials and technology we can step into a new era of boat designing,” he added.

Aimed at the luxury market, the motor yacht’s styling is sleek, modern and flamboyant.

The exterior aesthetics are inspired from “clean, sophisticated shapes of luxury products.”

SARCO by Timur Bozca

The elements of automotive design can clearly be seen

“The idea was bundled into a dramatic shape designed for the near future, thus propose advanced design, but giving sharp and dynamic looks also inspired from car design,” said Bozca.

“The stance is imposing but not over-intimidating or aggressive. the sharp front-end design and the curvy rear, carefully delineated,” he added.

SARCO by Timur Bozca

Master cabin

Down below, there is a master cabin and head. The use of OLEDs for lighting and display gives a futuristic feel.

SARCO is very sculptural in appearance with

“The really clever stuff is seen in the windshield form and the way it directs air flow around the sides,” explained Bozca.

“The pillar runs from the front towards the rear to signify the dynamics of energy shooting from the front to the rear and it reverses back to the front from under the side glasses. The arced body surface also supports the upper side glass connecting with the lower glass to form a unique iconic shape to give a distinctive identity to the yacht,” he continued.

Ferocious Sarcosuchus Crocodile

The inspiration behind the new Sarco – the extinct Ferocious Sarcosuchus Crocodile. Credit: Internet Archive Book Images/Wikimedia

The design also celebrates the motor yacht’s powerful engines by showing them through the rear glass cabinet, which connects seamlessly to the sun bed.

The upper deck is also a seamless flow of connected surfaces and symmetric design.

The cockpit, which has a long sofa for guests, is positioned in the centre of the yacht, which can reach speeds of more than 53 knots.