A guide to choosing the right primers and anti-foul paints for your boat plus product guides

Introducing the new Seajet Premium Superyacht Antifouling – hull protection for the world’s finest yachts.


No yacht should be subject to the costly, harmful and unsightly effects of excessive underwater fouling. That’s why it’s now the turn of superyacht owners, captains, project managers and shipyards to discover the advanced technology and high performance on offer from Seajet primers and coatings. Superyacht products are supplied in 20 litre drums.


Seajet Premium Superyacht Antifouling: Self-polishing antifoul made up of cuprous oxide & copper pyrithione, perfectly suited to the characteristics of superyachts traversing a wide range of sea conditions and different water temperatures. The polishing mechanism – ‘Hydrolysis’ – is based upon a chemical reaction with water allowing for a controlled and consistent method of biocide release. Whether static or underway, the formulation works equally well. Supplied in either Navy Blue, Red or Black.


Seajet Premium Superyacht Antifouling / designed for aluminium:

Self-polishing formulation suitable for all substrates including aluminium. Made of copper thiocyanate & zinc pyrithione this product uses a polishing mechanism known as ‘Hydration’ and without the risk of galvanic interference, can be applied with a minimum number of primer coats.

Supplied in wide choice of colours including White, Black, Navy Blue, Mid Blue and Bright Red.


Seajet Superyacht Primer / for all substrates: Multipurpose high performance primer for above and below the waterline. Provides a perfect base layer for all substrates including GRP, steel and aluminium hulls.


Seajet Superyacht Underwater Primer: Binder coat for existing antifouling with excellent adhesion properties. Good resistance to sea water makes this a perfect choice for all underwater primer applications.