A step-by-step guide to anti-fouling your boat with how-to videos and safety advice

Before any work takes place you must ensure that proper care and attention is given to your safety and those around you. Wearing appropriate protective clothing is essential, along with gloves, a hat, face mask and safety glasses or goggles and always ensure good ventilation around you.

Always wet sand anti-foul as the dust is toxic and do not eat or smoke when handling paint. Keep cans sealed when not in use and dispose of waste paint at a re-cycle centre.  Always read the health and safety advice on labels.

Clothing and Equipment you will need:





Masking Tape

Abrasive wet & dry paper

Rubbing Block

10cm brush

Mohair roller & tray

1. How to anti-foul your boat
2. Safety and Equipment
3. Compatibility
4. Quantity
5. Inspection and Removal
6. Surface preparation
7. Priming the underwater hull
8. Applying anti-fouling
9. Antifouling for beginners – ‘How to’ video guides