A step-by-step guide to anti-fouling your boat with how-to videos and safety advice

Before anything else, check for compatibility and ensure your hull can be successfully over-coated with the product you wish to use.

Most similar antifoul coatings are compatible and need nothing more than a jet-wash and the removal or spot repair (also known as patch priming) of any loose or flaking antifoul. Some existing coatings, however, may require light wet-sanding of the film and others may require a barrier coat or primer coat before proceeding.

There are exceptions so if in any doubt, seek correct advice from the manufacturer before proceeding.

1. How to anti-foul your boat
2. Safety and Equipment
3. Compatibility
4. Quantity
5. Inspection and Removal
6. Surface preparation
7. Priming the underwater hull
8. Applying anti-fouling
9. Antifouling for beginners – ‘How to’ video guides