People often struggle to control their boat. They use brute force to overcome friction, they leave dock with a reef because changing gear is so difficult, they bust their back steering against massive weather helm, they fight the boat tooth and nail.

The end result is a bunch of exhausted, unhappy people, wondering what it is all about!

If you are going cruising, you want to relax and have a good time. If you are racing you want to concentrate on performance. In neither case do you want to fight the boat. The following articles are full of useful tips and relevant to all sailors, be you a gunk hole potterer or a gung ho racer.

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Optimise your Cruiser/Racer Part 1: Mainsheet and Traveller

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Optimise your cruiser / Racer Part 3: Headsail car control & Inhauler

Optimise your cruiser / Racer Part 4: Spinnaker Systems and Cockpit Layout