Frequently Asked Questions relating to Navionics charts

Which plotters are compatible with Navionics Charts?
Navionics charts are compatible with the leading GPS manufacturers and models including Eagle, Furuno, Geonav, Humminbird, Lowrance, Northstar and Raymarine. Click here for a complete list of compatible plotters.

Will Navionics Charts work in a Garmin plotter?
No. Garmin used to license Navionics chart data sold as G-Charts. Garmin now uses other data sources. Please contact Garmin directly for charts if you have a Garmin unit.

Where do you get the information you use in Navionics Charts?
It may vary by Navionics product as well as by continent, country and/or area, but most commonly Navionics sources its data from official government hydrographic offices such as British Admiralty and SHOM to name just a few. Navionics also conducts its own on-the-water surveys when existing information is not available, is out-of-date, or is not of good quality.

What type of detail do Navionics Charts show?
Navionics Charts show depth contours, spot soundings, navigational aids, boat ramps, marinas, obstruction information such as reefs, wrecks, and submergent and emergent vegetation.

If Navionics does not currently have coverage for my lake or coastal area, how can I obtain this coverage?
To request new coverage for coastal areas or lakes and rivers, please send an email to Areas with the greatest number of requests have priority in the development department.

What datum setting does Navionics use for their Charts?
Navionics uses WGS84 datum for all current charts. If a customer has a chart purchased prior to January of 2002, it is recommended that they contact us with the code number of their chip and we will verify the datum used for that particular chip.

Are Navionics Charts PC compatible?
Yes and No. First and foremost, Navionics Charts are available on preprogrammed plug-and-play cartridges, or chips, that are compatible with a growing number of today’s most popular chartplotters; click here for a complete list of compatible chartplotters. Second, using Navionics NavPlanner PC software, you can read most Navionics products (NavPlanner is not compatible with Classic Charts nor HotMaps Classic Lake Maps) on your PC for pre-planning routes and waypoints and transferring those routes and waypoints to your plotter and back again; click here for more information on Navionics NavPlanner. Finally, several manufacturers of PC Navigation Software now offer compatibility with most Navionics products, click here for a list of these manufacturers.

Why should I choose Navionics over your competitors such as C-Map & Garmin?
Navionics offers true vector information and creates a database from the paper charts into one seamless image. No holes in the information, no discontinuities, no overwhelming clutter. This allows for faster re-draw over our competitors.

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