Today at the METS Show, Harken introduced the RigTune Pro, a digital tension gauge that takes rig tuning to an entirely new level.

The RigTune Pro was honored with a Special Mention at the 2007 DAME Award competition in the Deck Equipment Sails and Rigging category. In recognition of Harken’s consistently innovative products and overall contribution to the marine industry, the DAME Award jury named Harken the “Company of the Decade” in 2000.

About Harken’s New RigTune Pro
As stiffer hulls and low-stretch rigging provide a more reproducible and measurable environment, this innovative product helps sailors measure and fine-tune rigging with far greater accuracy. The Harken RigTune Pro was conceived and developed by Lou Varney of Diverse Yachts/Tropical Engineering. Leading the project for Harken was Andy Ash-Vie, managing director for Harken UK and Andy Reynolds-Jones, product manager.

“Being a mainsail trimmer at the top end of the sport, I’ve sailed on many different race boats and I get involved a great deal with setting up and tuning the rig,” explains Lou Varney. “One of the key things I’ve learned is that the mast and rig need to be set up the same from one tack to the other. Being able to get a repeatable setting is critical to boat speed and performance. This is why there is an essential need for something more precise than feel to measure rig tension. We solved this problem with Harken’s RigTune Pro.”

Unlike inaccurate spring-loaded gauges, the Harken RigTune Pro measures rig tension to the nearest kilogram. As rigging is deflected over three pins on the back of the gauge, a load cell records the pressure on one of the pins. The measurement is displayed on a simple, easy-to-read screen. The RigTune Pro accommodates a specific range of rigging sizes (2.5-5mm), reducing the need for multiple gauges and eliminating conversion tables.

Harken, Inc. is a leading manufacturer and distributor of innovative sailboat hardware and accessories. Headquartered in Pewaukee, Wisconsin, Harken manufactures in the USA and Italy. Its network includes offices in 48 countries, with group offices located in Australia, France, Italy, New Zealand, Slovenia, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the United States (Rhode Island, California, and Florida).