A step-by-step guide to anti-fouling your boat with how-to videos and safety advice

Anti-fouling your boat is never much fun, especially in winter, but it remains a job well worth attending to and the rewards are significant.

Apart from looking unsightly, heavy fouling will slow your boat down and increase fuel consumption by up to 10% in some cases. Excessive fouling will make the handling less responsive and your boat will be more difficult to manoeuvre in close quarters situations. If left unattended, the longer-term effects of hull fouling can result in extremely expensive repair bills.

1. How to anti-foul your boat
2. Safety and Equipment
3. Compatibility
4. Quantity
5. Inspection and Removal
6. Surface preparation
7. Priming the underwater hull
8. Applying anti-fouling
9. Antifouling for beginners – ‘How to’ video guides