A step-by-step guide to anti-fouling your boat with how-to videos and safety advice

After lifting out and scrubbing off or jet-washing the hull, a closer examination for damage and fouling attachment is worthwhile. Grass, weed and loose paint should be removed using a scraper – with the sharp corners rounded off with wet or dry paper, to avoid gouging the surface. Should you need to larger areas can be dealt with by slurry blasting.

Barnacles may need more thorough treatment so, after scraping, barnacle remains should be wet-sanded until they are no longer visible.

1. How to anti-foul your boat
2. Safety and Equipment
3. Compatibility
4. Quantity
5. Inspection and Removal
6. Surface preparation
7. Priming the underwater hull
8. Applying anti-fouling
9. Antifouling for beginners – ‘How to’ video guides