Unveiled for the first time at the 2013 'METS' Marine Trade Show in November, Seajet have introduced new and distinctive looking 'high-tech' label designs.

The old-style labels had become outdated and were considered no longer a true reflection of the advanced ‘high tech’ formulations inside. In simple terms, the opportunity to differentiate Seajet from competitors had declined.

Product types including antifoul, topcoat, primers, thinners & varnishes will wear designs based upon a ‘high-tech’ silver-with-spots background. Labels will be universal across all export markets and will have safety and technical information printed in multiple languages.

Groups will be identified by different coloured names and numbers, such that blue will represent antifoul products, grey for primers, red for topcoats, yellow for varnish and green for thinners.

Customers can rest assured that existing products will all be retained in the changeover, so look out for our new label designs this coming season!