The yacht was several feet above the water when the crane operator lost control.

This video shows the moment a crane accident capsized a luxury motor yacht.

In the footage, the yacht can be seen as it is lowered from a ship by crane towards the water several feet below.

As the yacht swings into place and begins the descent, the strapping holding it level starts to slide.

The front line slips toward the back and the weight of the yacht becomes unbalanced.

As the boat’s prow begins to angle dangerously towards the water, those watching the operation realise what is about to happen and can be heard shouting “no!” on the video.

In an instant the cables slip and the boat goes plunging into the water below, ultimately flipping over and remaining capsized as the video ends.

As with many viral videos, the origin of this video and details about the yacht are difficult to verify. One channel that has posted the video claims that the yacht is worth millions of dollars. Another poster claims the yacht accident happened in the Paraná River delta near Buenos Aires in Argentina.

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