This stunning beach isn't on anyone's bucket list because no-one, apart from the local islanders and a handful of cruisers, knows about it...

There are no hotels, no resorts, no settlements, no campers, no backpackers, no tourists (apart from us) in this part of the Anambas. Better known bays tend to be sought out by the cruisers who come this way, so there are hardly any sailboats here either.

A few fishing boats pass by. Sharks swim in the shallows, the coral gardens shelter reef fish, turtles and rays. This beach is a place for perfect relaxation. And peace. Finding places like this is one of the reasons we are cruising around the world, because at the moment you can only get here on your own boat.

But we heard about plans to develop this perfect archipelago from the new tourist board team in town. The local people we spoke to are divided in their opinions, some embracing new development and the opportunities it will bring.

Others, though, are dubious about their peaceful home being changed in any way; fishermen have already been barred from some of their regular spots, and one island in the south is now a private resort.

If you want to drop anchor here, the location is: 3°02’15.2″N 106°22’36.9″E