In the latest episode, we hooked up via the internet with Behan and Jamie of the sailing family Totem. We met them back in 2014 in a boat yard in Thailand. They've been sailing round the world for years with three children in tow

Currently Totem is anchored off the coast of Mexico with their plans to sail across the Pacific scuppered by the pandemic.

We swapped notes on our respective situations and how being a cruiser may possibly be helping us cope with the isolation that lockdown can bring.

As we talked, it became obvious that any advantage we might have is mostly superficial. Gnarly old cruisers like Totem and us have developed a stoical mental attitude, but we know some who are having problems being stuck at anchor.

There are boats trapped in places where they can’t leave, where they are not allowed to go ashore or even, in some cases, get in the water. With borders to many countries closed, most of us have no option other than to remain where we are.

It seems that being on a boat during this strange time brings its own set of challenges.

You can read their blog at and their book Voyaging With Kids is available on Amazon.