We're revisiting our massive sailboat refit project in a new three-part series. Why? Because five years later viewers are still asking us questions about it and now we’re in lockdown we finally have the opportunity to edit it properly


With over 2,000 video clips across 51 episodes over 13 months, our refit playlist is a big commitment to wade through, so in this series we separate out and talk about each job from beginning to end.

In part 1, we cover the following topics:

  • Planning – from choosing the right yard, to the nitty-gritty of budgets and job lists
  • Why we chose to do the work at PSS Boat Yard, Satun, Thailand
  • Haul-out method
  • Un-stepping masts – Esper has two and lots of rigging!
  • Removing deck fittings – literally hundreds on Esper
  • Stripping the interior – including taking down walls
  • Erecting the tent – essential for the work we had planned
  • Teak deck removal – glued and screwed meant a lot of hard work
  • Osmosis treatment – it was bad, very bad
  • Rudder – examining shaft, making repairs and more osmosis treatment
  • Stainless steel – the work was so good in the yard we kept adding jobs!
  • Swim platform – replacing the old one and using our Windpilot to support it

Where possible we break down costs for each job. In Part 3 we will go through the full budget and discuss the mistakes and successes five years on.

In case you missed it and boat maintenance is your thing, you can find the original Total Refit Playlist below: