We spent a few days in Tarempa, capital of the Anambas Archipelago, where we joined in the Indonesia independence celebrations. Everyone was welcoming, but some were a little too close for comfort.

Parasites and disease are rife in South East Asia, as Jamie found out when an uninvited ‘passenger’ climbed on board his foot.

Liz diagnosed hookworm, a parasite which is picked up from the sand where dogs are allowed to roam free. It is transferred from their faeces. Yuk!

An infestation must be treated properly and not allowed to progress before it can do serious damage. But were the facilities in the remote Anambas going to be able to help us? We went along to the local hospital hoping for the best.

Last time we visited these islands Jamie didn’t have much luck either, a small scratch on his leg turned septic and Liz put him on a strong course of antibiotics which we keep in our medical kit.

Have you ever picked up a disease or parasite on your travels? What were you able to do about it?