This is the first time we took our cat to a vet on Borneo, where we discovered that our beautiful Millie, who has been sailing with us for eleven years, is very ill

Little did we know we were in for the long haul and for many more visits over the coming months to a total of four different vets.

While we waited for Millie to improve, we got on with boat jobs and explored the area around the marina, and Jamie had a demonstration from Roy of SV Seven Thunders on how to make an ocean plait mat.

We used an old sheet from an even older foresail to do the job. It takes patience, strong hands and determination.

The new mat is a great place for Millie to sharpen her claws… and yes, the cat sat on the plait mat!

Update: Millie passed away on June 13, so Jamie and Liz have made the following tribute video: