Arriving at one of their all-time favourite destinations, Jamie and Liz face a mooring dilemma and ask what is the best way to pick up a buoy?

It’s the new year, in fact it’s a new decade. 2020 here we come! To get us all in an optimistic mood (and out of the winter blues for those in the northern hemisphere) we’re taking you to a perfect sunny place.

The Anambas Archipelago is one of our all time favourite spots to anchor, as anyone who has been a regular follower of our adventure will already know.

During this second visit we found even more beautiful unexplored places. This cove at Pulau Akar has now swept into our top five all-time favourites.

But before we found Akar we had to wrestle with the mooring buoy in Tarempa. Do you know the best way to pick up to a mooring buoy on a monohull?

Jamie talks about how to take a mooring buoy properly with a little help from Vyv Cox of Yachting Monthly. You can read his top tips on our sister site