We’re alarmed by the number of people who tell us that they are ‘too old to sail’ and are convinced they have, quite literally, missed the boat. This anxiety has become more prevalent in recent years. Why? We think we have the answer.

Sailing channels are selling a lie. We know from our thirteen years on the world cruising scene that the reality of cruising is very different to what most sailing channels tell you.

There are no stats available, so Jamie did a little research of his own. Bottom line? YouTube sailing channels are made by young thrill-seekers, while most cruisers are ‘old’ freedom lovers.

80% of cruisers are over 50. Most people living on sailboats are pensioners and we know cruisers in their 90s. Age is no restriction to sailing, in fact we’d say it is a positive strength.

Here are some ‘oldies’ with YouTube sailing channels:

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