No matter how long you've been sailing we all get those moments when our brains cloud over! Watch these boating hacks to get the grey cells working again!

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been sailing for 40 years or one month, it is always good to have a few boat hacks up your sleeve!

The ultimate 10 minute guide to tying a soft shackle from Yachting Monthly. You will never need to bother with the stainless steel alternative again!


Motor Boat & Yachting’s comprehensive guide to winterising your boat will hopefully ensure trouble free crusing next season!


It’s never too late to think about maintenance. Here’s an easy hack for removing antifouling.


Time to change your filter? The Boat Owners Association of the United States (Boat US) shows you the easy way to get the job done.


Getting in a twist over knots? With this boating knot hack, you will never be muddled again!