Vanquish Yachts has unveiled its first VQ48 sports boat in Saint-Tropez, with a second being delivered in Ibiza shortly. Watch a virtual sea trial below!

The all-aluminium Vanquish VQ48 is designed to appeal to car lovers.

It has been created by Vanquish Yachts together with Guido de Groot Design, Studio Delta and Wester Naval Architecture.

The Dutch-built boat blends the best features of Vanquish’s VQ43 and the VQ50.

These include a smaller foredeck version of the VQ50’s dinette and the popular sun beds found on the VQ43.

See pictures of the new VQ48 below

Other design highlights are the two specially developed helm seats, a large lounge sofa and a convertible top which dispenses with the traditional tubes and braces normally seen on biminis.

The amount of plastic on board has also been kept to a minimum, with most components being hand-made in aluminium.

Socialising and parties were central to the design of the VQ48 so there are 19 seating places as standard.

Layout can be customised too.

The VQ48 being delivered in Ibiza is designed so that day guests can have access to the head and galley without intruding on the master cabin.

When privacy is not a concern, the cabin door can be left open to create an even more open feel.

On deck, guests can seek shade under the specially developed parasol.

Like other Vanquish models, the VQ48 has a low weight. This allows for good manoeuvrability, fast acceleration, low fuel consumption and a top speed of well over 40 knots.

It is also available in a VQ48 Veloce version, with a top speed exceeding 50 knots.

The 14.6 metre VQ48 also comes with a submarine folding anchor system.

This electric anchor has been designed to fit within the lines of the underwater hull so that no chain or winch is visible when at anchor.

Standard features also include a skyhook position control, a joystick for easy manoeuvring, air conditioning and an autopilot-glass bridge display.

Like on all Vanquish vessels, the high-end audio installation has been custom created together with Brian’s Custom Audio, a Dutch company known for its work on the latest Ferrari models.