Giovanni Belgrano’s 38ft Laurent Giles - Whooper - is the overall winner of Lendy Cowes Week

05 August

Whooper has been named as the overall winner in the Black Group and the overall winner of Lendy Cowes Week.

The 38-foot Laurent Giles is owned by Giovanni Belgrano.

The overall winner among the White Group dayboats was named as Freddie Peters’ Riff Raff.

Peters, who is just 14, won the RS Elite class, as well as the Newcomers’ trophy and Young Skippers Trophy.

A crew on a white act at Cowes Week

Riff Raff skipper, Freddie Peters. Credit: Paul Wyeth

“I think I can put our win down to a combination of things,” said Peters. “Getting a good start was crucial, and knowing where we were going on the course. Thanks to Ellie and Emily who did a fantastic job, we always knew where we were going. The other thing, of course, was boat speed.

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Peters’ Riff Raff won all but one race in the RS Elite class. Ossie Stewart’s More T Vicar took second overall and Colin Smith’s Shaken Not Stirred third.

Lendy Cowes Week Overall Results

Black Group Overall:

  1. Giovanni Belgrano’s Laurent Giles Whooper
  2. Bernard Langley’s TP52 Gladiator
  3. Harry J Heijst’s Sparkman & Stephens 41 Winsome

White Group Overall:

  1. Freddie Peters’ Riff Raff
  2. I. Andrew, R. Bullock, J. Lear & J. Tremlett’s Lass
  3. John Corby’s Doublet

Sevenstar Triple Crown Overall:

  1. Igor Yakunin’s Ker 46 Lady Mariposa R
  2. Ludde Ingvall and Sir Michael Hintze’s CQS
  3. Pierre Meisel’s Team Jolokia

The Westmacott Trophy:

  1. I. Andrew, R. Bullock, J. Lear & J. Tremlett’s Lass
  2. Malcolm Stewart’s Isabel
  3. Noel Dobbs’ Bluebell

Under 25 Trophy:

  1. Ed Nainby-Luxmoore, Eric Ledbetter & Charles Nainby-Luxmoore’s Snow Goose II
  2. Ollie Smyth, James Stupple, Hugo Sloper, Toby Hodge’s Joey
  3. Oli Aldridge’s Sumo

Ed Whelan Celebration Trophy:

  1. James Gair’s Zero II – Cowes Race School
  2. ‘Quokkatoo Syndicate’ Performance Yacht Racing’s Pyr Jua Kali
  3. Yuri Fadeev’s Kabestan Skylander

Young Skippers Trophy:

  1. Freddie Peters’ Riff Raff
  2. Ed Nainby-Luxmoore, Eric Ledbetter & Charles Nainby-Luxmoore’s Snow Goose II
  3. Hugo Mills’ Sheen

Newcomers’ Trophy:

  1. Freddie Peters’ Riff Raff
  2. Piero Paniccia’s Adriatica
  3. Elliott Noye’s Porco Rosso

Commodores’ Challenge Cup:

  1. Andrew McIrvine’s La Reponse
  2. Michael Greville’s Erivale III
  3. Joe Simmons’ Spectrum

03 August

Strong winds, with gusts up to 35 knots, meant only the largest yachts taking part in Lendy Cowes Week were able to get out and race.

Organisers decided to cancel all races apart from the Maxi Racer, Ocean Racer and IRC Class 0 classes in the final Sevenstar Triple Crown event.

Dressed in wet weather gear, sailors on a white yacht navigate off the Isle of Wight

Sevenstar Triple Crown Overall Winners, Lady Mariposa. Credit: Paul Wyeth

In the end, only seven of the 16 IRC Class 0 competitors decided to tackle the course.

Although Igor Yakunin’s Ker 46 Lady Mariposa R suffered a structural failure just 200 metes from the finish line leaving them third after corrected time, it didn’t stop them securing the overall Sevenstar Triple Crown win.

The team also took the Duke of Edinburgh Triple Crown Trophy and the Royal Yacht Squadron’s King’s Cup 1920 for winning the Zero-Racer class.

Team Jolokia won the King George V International Cup from the Royal Thames Yacht Club, while Ludde Ingvall and Sir Michael Hintze’s 100ft super maxi CQS won the Royal Southampton Yacht Club’s Queens Cup.

Pictures of the Week: Cowes Week special edition

The Volvo Ocean 65 Mapfre also won a special trophy in recognition of setting a new outright Around Isle of Wight world record by a monohull yacht.


Race Day 6 

Triple Crown Maxi Racers:

  1. CQS

Triple Crown Ocean Racers:

  1. Pierre Meisel’s Team Jolokia

IRC Class 0:

  1. Tony Langley’s TP52 Gladiator
  2. Christian Zugel’s MAT1180 Tschuss
  3. Igor Yakunin’s Ker 46 Lady Mariposa R

02 August

There was thrilling sailing on day 5 of Lendy Cowes Week, with the crowds thoroughly entertained by the fast and furious action.

There was also much excitement in the Sevenstar Triple Crown, which saw 23 of the largest yachts taking part in the regatta racing around the Isle of Wight.

The competitors included seven entries in the 2017/18 Volvo Ocean Race and Ludde Ingvall and Sir Michael Hintze’s 100ft foiling supermaxi CQS, which had former model and racing driver Jodie Kidd on board.

woman smiling

Jodie Kidd on board the 100ft foiling supermaxi CQS. Credit: Sportography tv

“It was amazing, tough conditions and we had some issues, which was a bit of a shame.” said Kidd following the race.

“It was an unbelievable experience – we were given quite a rough ride round the back of the Island and I felt I was part of the team on the rail,” she added.

A maxi racer taking part in Cowes Week

CQS. Credit: Tom Gruitt

The Spanish Volvo Ocean Race yacht Mapfre completed the 50-mile course in 3 hours, 13 minutes and 11 seconds, setting a new outright Around Isle of Wight world record by a monohull yacht.

This beat the previous record set in 2013 by Mike Slade’s 100ft ICAP Leopard by 6 minutes 58 seconds.

Unlike the Volvo Ocean 65s, ICAP Leopard has powered winches.

Mapfre therefore also beat the previous world record for a monohull without power assistance by an impressive margin of more than 36 minutes. Both records are subject to ratification by the World Speed Sailing Record Council.

boat sailing

Mapfre in action. Credit: Tom Gruitt

“We did a very good start and the manoeuvres were all very good – it’s one of our strongest points we have as a crew,” said Mapfre skipper Xabi Fernandez.

“A lot of us have sailed together already and the new people are all good, very switched on, and things are coming together nicely.”

With winds gusting to 40 knots on the south side of the Isle of Wight, the other Volvo Ocean Race boats taking part – Team Brunel, Team Akzonobel and Dongfeng Race Team – also beat the previous record times.

Organisers have decided to call off all racing for 3 August due to the weather, apart from the Maxi Racer, Ocean Racer and IRC Class 0 classes in the Sevenstar Triple Crown event, which will be contesting the third and final day of the series.

Winds are expected to average at around 22-28-knots, with gusts likely to reach 33-35 knots.



Race Day 5

Triple Crown Maxi Racers:

  1. CQS

Triple Crown Ocean Racers:

  1. Pierre Meisel’s Team Jolokia
  2. Mapfre
  3. Team Brunel

White Group:


  1. Rob Elliot’s Bon Vivant
  2. Shaun and Emily Frohlich’s Exabyte
  3. Murray Chapples’ Silver Lining


  1. John Corby’s Doublet
  2. David Gower, Jamie Clark and Peter Haworth’s Dolphin
  3. Andrew Norton’s Decoy
Yachts with white sails taking part in Cowes Week

Daring fleet. Credit: Paul Wyeth

Black Group:

Sigma 33:

  1. Allan Fraser’s Prospero of Hamble
  2. Jeff Worboys’ Workout
  3. Toby Gorman’s Stan the Boat

IRC Class 4:

  1. David Franks’ JPK 10.10 Strait Dealer
  2. Oliver Legrain’s Archambault 35 IBA Sailing Team
  3. Peter and Sarah Hodgkinson’s X362 Sport Xcitable


IRC Class 5:

  1. Harry Heijst’s Sparkman and Stephens 41 Winsome
  2. Jean-Francois Nouel’s Sunfast 3200 SNSP Hakuna Matata
  3. Mike Sellers & Chris Miles’ High Jinks


Current rankings for the Under 25 trophy:

  1. Freddie Peters’ RS Elite Riff Raff
  2. Hugo Mills’ Mermaid Sheen
  3. Ollie Smyth’s Sonata Joey


01 August

Land Rover BAR Academy’s Annabel Vose has been announced the winner of the ELEMIS Ladies Day Trophy at Lendy Cowes Week.

The trophy recognises the outstanding contribution, commitment, or achievement of women in sailing.

four women posing with a trophy

Vose is the only woman in the Land Rover BAR Academy, which won the 2017 Red Bull Youth America’s Cup.

Meanwhile, Amanda Marino, racing her Half Tonner Chimp in IRC Class 6, won the Royal Southern Yacht Club’s Ariel Trophy, which is awarded for the best result obtained by a female helm.

Meanwhile, the sailors enjoyed more bright and sunny weather, with classic south-westerly breeze.

Race Day 4

Black Group:

IRC Class 0:

  1. Bernard Langley’s Gladiator
  2. Igor Yakunin’s Lady Mariposa R
  3. Christian Zugel’s Tschuss

IRC Class 1:

  1. Sam Cox’s King 40 Nifty
  2. James Gair’s Mills 39 Zero ll – Cowes Race School
  3. Mike Greville’s Ker 39 Erivale lll

IRC Class 2:

  1. Andrew McIrvine’s First 40 La Reponse
  2. Alex and Andy Moore’s First 40 Tilt
  3. David Rolfe’s First 40 Shadowfax

IRC Class 3:

  1. Adam Gosling’s JPK10.80 Yes!
  2. Chris Ivill’s new J/112E Davanti Tyres
  3. Igor Rytov’s Russian JPK 1080 Bogatyr
Sailors in wet weather gear taking part in Cowes

The crew of Davanti Tyres. Credit: Paul Wyeth/CWL

White Group:

RS Elite:

  1. Freddie Peters Riff Raff
  2. Colin Smith’s Shaken Not Stirred
  3. Ossie Stewart’s More T Vicar


  1. Alastair Barter’s Bertie
  2. Barry Byham’s Dolphin
  3. Andy Cassell’s Jenny

Flying 15:

  1. Charles Apthorp’s Foof
  2. Will Heritage’s Freddie Flintoff
  3. Tony Beddingfield’s Durban Flyer


  1. Steve Warren-Smith and Stu Rix’s Aquabat
  2. David Wines and Keith Davies’ White Magic
  3. Malcolm Hutchings and Andy Ramsey’s Lady Penelope
A white yacht with a red sail passes a buoy during Cowes Week

Wizard taking part in the Squib race. Credit: Paul Wyeth/CWL

SB20 Grand Slam:

  1. John Pollard’s Xcellent
  2. Elliot Noye’s Porco Rosso
  3. Michael Cooper’s Export Roo

J/70 Series (Results subject to protests):

  1. Paul Childs’ F’in Magic 2
  2. Ali Hall’s Sceptre
  3. Jack Davies’ Yeti

31 July

Day three of Lendy Cowes Week delivered yet more racing in blazing sun and a perfect south westerly breeze of 12-16 knots that gradually built to a peak of 20 knots by the end of the afternoon. It was a day of intensely close racing for many competitors, with numerous podium places decided by only a handful of seconds after more than three hours of racing.

Race Day 3


IRC Class 6:

  1. Giovanni Belgrano’s Whooper
  2. Simon Cory’s Icom Cool Blue
  3. Barnaby Smith / Graham Tullett / Nick Hance’s Imptish


IRC Class 7:

  1. Jo Richards’s Eeyore
  2. Paul Dunstan’s Mandarin
  3. John Mulcahy’s Estrella



  1. Ed Nainby-Luxmoore’s SnowGoose II
  2. James Tate’s Rosetta
  3. Nick Rowton-Lee’s Banzai



  1. Mike Wigmore’s Gwaihir
  2. Malcolm Green’s Archon
  3. Charles Fisher and Richard Thompson’s Migrant


Black Group:

Quarter Ton Class:

  1. Tony Hayward’s Blackfun
  2. Sam Laidlaw’s Aguila
  3. Louise Morton’s Bullit

Contessa 32:

  1. Donna and Martin Rouse-Collen’s Andaxi
  2. Ed Bell’s Mary Rose Tudor
  3. Charles Hill


White Group:


  1. Becky Wickens and Oliver Gilchrist’s Sky
  2. Stewart Reed’s Firefly
  3. Roger Wickens’s Danny


30 July 

Weather fronts and gusty west south-westerly winds at Lendy Cowes Week led to some spectacular racing displays on the first two days of the regatta.

Day two was particularly tough for the competitors with classes seeing multiple retirements due to groundings, collisions and rig damage.

The gusty west south-westerly wind topped 25 knots at times.

Rupert Holmes from Lendy Cowes Week reported that many of the larger Black Group yachts finishing on the Royal Yacht Squadron line experienced multiple broaches and spinnaker wraps, much to the delight of the throngs of spectators lining the shore.

Race Day 2

White Group:

J/80 class:

  1. Chris Body’s MockingJay
  2. Terence O’Neill’s Aqua J
  3. Felix Trattner’s UKSA 3

Dragon’s race:

  1. Gavia Wilkinson-Cox’s Jerboa
  2. Donal Small/Martin Payne’s Full Speed
  3. Russian entry Igor Goikhberg’s Zenith

Sportsboat Division 2:

  1. Malcolm Robert’s modified 9 metre Ker Sunshine
  2. Michael Livingstone’s 1720 Rum n Cork
  3. Steph Merry’s 1720 Midnight Cowboy

Black Group:

Many of the larger Black Group yachts finished on the Royal Yacht Squadron line experienced multiple broaches and spinnaker wraps due gusty west south-westerly winds. There were also plenty of retirements.

In the Fast40+ class, Peter Morton’s Girls on Film was leading by two minutes, approaching Baxters buoy located near Gurnard Head when she hit a rock. As a result, Invictus and Rebellion had a minor coming-together, while a fourth boat in the fleet suffered damage when the topmast of 42 South broke above the upper spreaders. Despite the various problems there were no injuries among any of the crews in the class

 IRC Class 0:

  1. Bernard Langley’s TP52 Gladiator
  2. Igor Yakunin’s Ker 46 Lady Mariposa R
  3. Christian Zugel’s Mat 1180 Tschuss

IRC Class 1:

  1. Zero ll – Cowes Race School
  2. Sam Cox’s lower rated King 40 Nifty
  3. Tony Mack’s J/111 McFly


Race Day 1

White Group:

J/70 class:

First race:

  1.  Ali Hall’s Sceptre
  2. Nick Phillip’s Chaotic
  3. Paul Childs’ F’in Magic 2

Second race:

  1. Swiss entry Lorenz Mueller’s YCB Team
  2. John Greenland’s Jumbo
  3. Paul Childs’ F’in Magic 2

SB20 class:

First race:

  1. Jerry Hill’s
  2. Australian Michael Cooper’s Export Roo
  3. Porco Rosso

Second race:

  1. Porco Rosso
  2. Export Roo
  3. Richard Powell’s Marvel.

XOD class:

(Restarted due to weather/tide under a Z flag indicating 3% time penalty for any boat crossing the line in the final minute before the start. Shortened course)

  1. Colin McKinnon, Neil Hart and Guy Partington’s Catherine
  2. Rory, Amanda and Stuart Paton’s XL
  3. Swallow


Black Group:

Many of the Black Group fleets had shortened courses on day 1, with nine classes finishing early at South Bramble buoy and a further two at North Ryde Middle.

Fast40+ class:

  1. Bas de Voogd’s Carkeek 40 Mark 3 Hitchhiker
  2. Steve Cowie’s modified GP42 Zephyr
  3. Sir Keith Mills’ Ker 40+ Invictus

J/109 class:

  1. Richard Marsden and Rachel Toman’s Judgement Day
  2. Chris and Victoria Preston’s Jubilee
  3. Christopher Sharples and Richard Acland’s Jukebox

Cruiser Division A:

  1.  Chris Panting’s Beneteau First 35 No Chance
  2. X-55 Pioneer Lutine
  3. Rob Denning’s Swan 46 Bewick of Hamble